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Ammonia degrading bacteria



【Main ingredient】Pseudomonas , Bacilli , nitrification bacteria and denitrification bacteria corynebacterium , chromobacter , alcaligenes , agrobacterium , arthrobacterium and other bacterias.

【Viable Vibrio】≥20 billion/g

【Application】This product is suitable for municipal wastewater treatment , chemical wastewater , dyeing and printing wastewater , landfill leachate, food wastewater and other wastewater treatment.


【Main Functions】:

■This product as an environment friendly , high efficiency microbial agent , contains decomposition and composition bacteria , anaerobic bacteria , amphimicrobe and aerobic bacteria , is a multi-strain coexistence of organisms. With synergy of all bacteria , this agent decomposes refractory organic into micro-molecules , further decompose into nitrogen , carbon dioxide and water , effectively degrade ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen , no secondary pollution.

■The product contains nitrous bacterium , which could shorten acclimation and form-film time of activated sludge , fasten the start of sewage treatment system , reduce wastewater retention time , improve processing capacity.

■With adding ammonia degrading bacteria agent , could improve ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment efficiency by more than 60% , no need to change treatment process , reduces processing costs.


【Application method and dosage】

For industrial wastewater , according to water quality index of which into biochemical system, the dosage is 100-200g/CBM for first time , increase 30~50g/m3 when the inflow changes and have big impact on the biochemical system. For municipal wastewater , the dosage is 50-80g/CBM(based on the volume of biochemical tank)


【Application Parameters】

Tests indicate that these physics and chemistry parameters have best effects for bacterial growth:

●PH:Average range is 5.5~9.5 , most rapid growth range is 6.6~7.8 , the best treatment efficiency PH is 7.5.

●Temperature:Take effect in 8℃~60℃.Higher than 60℃ , may cause the bacterial death , lower than 8℃ , will limit bacterial cell growth. The best temperature is 26~32℃.

●DO:Make sure the dissolving oxygen in aeration tank , at least 2mg/L , the bacterial treatment rate to metabolism and degradation will speed up 5-7 times in enough oxygen.

●Micro-element:Special bacterial growth need many elements , such as potassium , iron , calcium , sulfur , magnesium.

●Salinity:Suitable for high salinity industrial wastewater , 60% salinity top.

●Poison resistance:Resistance to chemical toxicity , including chloride , cyanide , and heavy Mental.


Note:when there is bactericide in polluted area , its function to microbial should be predicted in advance. 



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