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COD degradation bacteria


Character of commodityPowder

【Main ingredients】Calcium acetate Acinetobacter , Bacillus , Efficient bioflocculant bacterium , Saccharomyces , Micrococcus , Enzyme and nutritional agents.

【Viable bacteria content】≥20 billion/g

【Range of application】Municipal sewage treatment , kinds of chemical wastewater , dying wastewater , landfill leachate , foods wastewater and so on.


【Main functions】:

■American engineering strains treated after sterile fermentation spray drying technology and unique enzyme treatment , it becomes COD degradation bacteria agent. It is the best choice  for waste water treatment project , landscape water treatment , lake and river ecological restoration project.

■Increase the removal capacity of organics , especially for the ingredient which is difficult to Disintegrate.

■Strong resistance of impact load and toxic substances. It can work in low temperature.


【Usage and Dosage】:

Base on the inflow of wastewater , the first time add 200g/m3 (Base on the volume of tank).Increase 30~50g/m3 when the inflow change to effect the biochemical system.


【Operation parameter】:

■PH:5.5~9.5, Great impact grows fastest between 6.6~7.8, best in 7.5.

■Temperature:8℃~60℃. The bacteria will die when the temperature higher than 60℃. When the temperature below 8℃, it will not die but will restrict the growing. The most suitable temperature is 26~32℃.

■Microelement:Potassium , iron , calcium , sulfur , magnesium , etc. Normally in the soil and water , the microelement content is enough..

■Salinity:It is applied in the high salinity industrial waste water. The maximum tolerated salinity  is 6%.

■Mithridatism:The bacteria agent can resist the poisonous substance , include chloride , cyanide and heavy metal , etc.


Note:When contaminated areas contain fungicides, their effects on microorganisms should be investigated in advance.



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Factory Add: South of Niujia Bridge, Guanlin town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, China

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