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Halotolerant bacteria

Halotolerant bacteria

[Product traits] Powder

[Main ingredients] Bacillus & coccus which can grow spore(endospore)

[Content of viable bacteria] ≥20 billion/gram 

[Applicable field] Municipal sewage, chemical sewage, printing & dyeing  sewage, landfill leachats, foodstuff sewage and other anaerobic system for industry wastewater.

[Main Functions]

If the salt content in sewage reaches 10%(100000mg/l),the bacteria will take acclimatiion and biofilm formation on biochemical system quickly.

Improve the efficiency of organic pollutant removal,to make sure the BOD、COD&TSS content is OK for brine sewage.

If the electric charge of sewage has large fluctuation,bacteria will strengthen the settleability of sludge to improve the effluent quality.

[Application method]

(calculated by biochemical pond),for industrial sewage,first dosage should be 100-200 gram/m3;for high biochemical system,dosage should be 30-50 gram/m3;for municipal sewage,dosage should be 50-80 gram/m3.


The tests show that the following physical and chemical parameters on bacterial growth is the most effective:

PH: average range between 5.5 to 9.5, it will grow most rapidly between 6.6 -7.8 , and best ph value is 7.5.

Temperature:  take effect between 8 ℃ - 60 ℃.Bacteria will die if the temperature is higher than 60 ℃. If it is lower than 8 ℃ , bacteria will not die, but the growth of bacteria cell will berestricted a lot. The most suitable temperature is between 26-32 ℃.

Dissolved oxygen : aeration tank in sewage treament,dissolved oxygen content is at least 2 mg/liter.The metabolic and regrade rate of bacteria could speed up by 5-7times with fully oxygen.

Micro-elements: proprietary bacteria group will need a lot of elements in its growth, such as potassium, iron, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, etc., normally it contains enough mentioned elements in soil and water.

Salinity: it is applicable in high salty water,the maximum tolerance of salinity is 10%.

Poison resistance: can more effectively resist chemical toxic substances,including chloride,cyanide and heavy metals,etc.

*When the contaminated area contains biocide,need to test the effect to bacteria.



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Factory Add: South of Niujia Bridge, Guanlin town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, China

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