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Multi-functional pesticide degrading bacteria agent

                    Multi-functional pesticide degrading bacteria agent

Pesticides Degradation efficient bacteria includes Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Corynebacterium, Achromobacter, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Alcaligenes, Agrobacterium, Arthrobacter, Arthrobacter, Flavobacterium, Nocardia and other strains. With the synergy of various strains, the refractory organic matter is decomposed into small molecules, further degradation into carbon dioxide and water, to make more efficient degradation of pesticide residues, do not produce secondary pollution, is environmentally friendly and efficient microbial agents.

The product description

This product is compound strains specially for agricultural wastewater purification. It can rapidly decompose the pesticide residues in organic matter and transformed them into non-toxic harmless carbon dioxide and water and improve the removal rate of organic pollutantsin wastewater treatment plant. Due to the synergy of strain characteristics and flora, degradable substances are degraded, the pollutant load of sewage treatment system is improved , the impact resistance is enhanced.

Range of application

1. The city sewage treatment plant

2. Purification of aquaculture water quality

3. The lake surface water pool and man-made landscape

4. The repair of contaminated soil, and governance


Using instruction

Liquid product dosage: 100-200ml/m3,solid product dosage: 50g-100g/m3.



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Factory Add: South of Niujia Bridge, Guanlin town, Yixing City, Jiangsu, China

Mobile / whats app: 86-13861515998 

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